Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Bag) Treatment in Dubai by Dr Khaldoun Ghareb
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Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Bag)

Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Bag)

The Pilonidal Sinus is most famous with the names “hair bag” and the “coccyx fistula,” and others. As for the coccyx fistula, in English and medically, it is Pilonidal Sinus, as it is called the Pilonidal Sinus.
A hair bag, or as it is called, a Pilonidal Sinus, is formed when a hole is formed in the lower back and the presence of falling hair, where the hair and skin cells collect to form a small cyst-like mass under the skin.
Pilonidal Sinus (hair sac) causes inflammation, pain, secretions, and swelling. It affects men more than females and most often affects people of young ages.

Causes of Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Sac)

There are a number of theories about the causes of the pilonidal Sinus (hair bag), following which is a mention of the theory with an explanation of it, then a mention of the direct causes of the formation of the hair bag.

Embryonic Theory

The embryonic theory is based on the idea of ​​migratory cells in the coccyx that cause pilonidal sinuses when they grow and get bigger.

Other Reasons

There are also other reasons, including:

Frequent Long Sitting

Sitting for a long period of time may be the cause of the hair cyst due to skin abrasion from repeated pressure on it.

No Strenuous Exercise

Exercising and activities that reduce the risk of infection increase the chances of developing a pilonidal sinus.

Injury in the Coccyx Region

Receiving cuts or bruises at the coccyx area increases the risk of developing a Pilonidal Sinus (hair sac)

Dead Skin Cells

Dead cells + falling hair + bacteria lead to the formation of the pilonidal cyst (hair sac).

Hair Density

A person with thick back hair has a higher risk of infection.

Hereditary Causes

The presence of this condition in the family history increases the possibility of developing it.

Symptoms of Pilonidal (Hair Bag) Fistula

Symptoms of a coccyx fistula (hair bag) are as follows:
  • Lower back pain, this pain may prevent the patient from sitting completely, with the opacity of a blood collection that is very painful, especially when sitting.
  •  Tumors and inflammation of the pilonidal zone (hair sac) can be seen by eye or touch. And swelling in the spine at its lower part.
  •  Redness:as the pilonidal Sinus (hair sac) tends to be red
  • Pus or pus blood and blood is a symptom of an advanced-stage hair cyst

Advanced Symptoms in a Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Sac)

Blood + pus + severe pain + bad smell + yellow or white discharge

Coccyx Fistula (Hair Cyst) Prevention

Coccyx fistula (hair sac) can be avoided by following the following:
  • Take a shower daily, as personal hygiene is one of the most important prevention methods.
  •  Hair removal from the roots Hair loss and its
  • Collection is among the causes of the Pilonidal Sinus (hair bag). Therefore, hair removal from the roots is an important method for this, noting that removing hairs from the surface is not useful for prevention.
  • Avoid sitting on firm seats for long periods, and generally avoid long sitting.

Pilonidal Sinus (Hair Cyst) Treatment

Conventional Surgery

The traditional surgical method: where the entire area is surgically removed up to the coccyx bone, the entire tissue is scraped, and the wound is left open. This method requires bandages and a long period of healing, and a return to work.

Leather Slide Technology

The skin slide method: It is the same as the surgical method, but the wound is closed either directly with several stitches, or a skin slice is manufactured, converted, and placed over the wound and sutured. Also, this method is tiring for the patient as the wound is very wide and the pain after surgery is great, and it takes a lot of time to return to work.

Epsit Laparoscopic Fistula Treatment

Pilonidal Sinus (hair bag) treatment with laser and endoscopy is the latest scientific method in the world currently for treating pilonidal Sinus.

Advantages of Epsit Laparoscopic Fistula (Hair Bag) Treatment

  • Without excision, incision, or cutting because the treatment of the hair cyst is performed endoscopically.
  • No pain.
  • No complications.
  • No bandages, no wound.
  • The patient returns to work and normal life the next day.

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